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Facts about web design and web development

A website is considered as a dynamic billboard used in the World Wide Web by the online marketers as well as other business establishments. Before knowing the aspect of who is good at web development Singapore online marketers need to know some facts about web design as well as web development.

Creating a website involves both the web designing and web development. It is very important to understand the difference between the web design and web development. And you should aware about the difference between these two that will help you to attach better with the people who are concerned in the making of website. Web design describes the look and the beauty of the website and the web development describes the functions of the website. Understand the difference between two with an example. Suppose you want to make a website for your company and you discuss with a web design firm. Then the company of web design will ask you about the business model, theme type of clients and your budget. On this information an expert who is good at website design Singapore makes some website prototypes. Choose a prototype which is memorable. Then the colors, font and style of the website should be very professional and attractive. You website should be simple and uncomplicated.


Coding and programming are the key


Web design includes many things. And most importantly information of the products on the website should be easy to find. After you confirm the web design for your website then the web developing company which is good at website development Singapore begins coding and programming the site to make it run. This is a part of the web development. This web development includes the analytics programs that let you to examine the flow of traffic to your website. Web developer creates the contact us page and shopping carts. This is very important functional elements of the website. For enhanced website and web development services, search engine optimization holds a paramount importance and therefore, lots of web development and web design companies pay close attention towards accurate and advanced SEO for their websites to get maximum customer base and high rankings in Google and other search engines. A good SEO friendly website design makes it more recognizable for the search engine spider that in turns works up on the website to let it gain top rankings in the search engine result pages which are shortly referred as SERPs by the SEO experts.

You mustn’t forget these things the next time you go camping!

Camping is an adventurous activity, and one that is usually undertaken along with friends which makes it all the more reason of people being careless during these, because in presence of friends one is just free and ready to kick the blame on the other. Camping is done as a full on fun activity, but it is not to be taken completely fun as these are the trips which can lead to accidents and even fatality if care is not taken. Camping requires a few set of items that should be carried with you to the destination where you have decided to camp and many of these things are absolutely necessary and many are of insurance kind because you never know when you may need those. These things are different from packing your tshirts and jeans. T shirts for men are also important for camping as they are the most obvious choice for carrying with you.

Camping plans are made mostly in hurry and even if not then also very few people actually know what are all the things that are required at the camping site and what you should absolutely have with you for insurance sake as you may need those anytime. Thus, here are the list of the things that you shouldn’t forget the next time you go camping:

    • First aid kit: One of the most common problems that you will face during camping is injuries and mostly it is burn and cuts. To remedy that you should always have at least one well stocked first aid kit among you to at least provide initial remedy if something happens. Always keep in mind to take it with you even when you leave camp on an excursion.


  • Match boxes: Unless you are a pro at starting fire and the veteran boy scout, you should always carry match boxes in water proof packets. Because you never know when you may need to start a fire.
  • Tarps: These are required to spread on the floor for extra protection in the camp because you will need one and these are the ideal ones because they are easy to fold and thus occupy very little space in the camping bags.


  • Rope: Rope is always required at a camping site and you may not even predict at how many places you may even need them. Always keep long lengths of rope with you while camping because those are the things which will help you from setting up camp to mountaineering.
  • Lantern or flashlight: You may at any moment need light and you should always be ready with instant solutions so electronic lantern or flashlight is recommended.
  • Map and navigation instruments: Although the mobiles these days have compass and google maps then also keep the maps in hard copy along with simple navigator’s compass. You may need these at any instant.
  • Alternate weather wear: You should always keep tshirts because they do not take place much in the luggage, but you should also keep clothes for alternate weather because when it is as chancing as it is stated to be then you never know what you may need to wear.
  • Pocket knife: This is one of the most things that you should always keep with you and in these the swiss knife is best to keep.
  • Any packed food with longer shelf life: Packed food should be there with longer shelf life because there is no certainty of food while camping and you would need these packaged food more often than you expect so it is always better to be safe than sorry.
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