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Styling Your Shearling Gilet

When it comes to finding your ideal gilet, there are many different options out there that might suit your taste. A shearling gilet is a great option for those that want a reversible option that is both fashionable and warm, and the reason it is so great is that of the various ways you can wear them. In fact, there are many ways to wear this beautiful Toscana gilet. Here are three ways you can style the sheepskin gilet to get the most from your look.

Sheepskin Showing
One of the ways you can wear your sheepskin gilet is with the sheepskin suede showing on the outside. The way the vest is constructed is to showcase the sheepskin with just a lining of fur to give you a collar of the gorgeous fur. There is also fur trim along the edges for a gorgeous look that you will enjoy. Plus, the fur lining keeps you warm no matter how cold the weather is outside. Usually, the sheepskin and the fur are the same color to give you a completed part of the look.

Fur Showing
The best part about these Toscana gilets is the ability to turn them inside out. Instead of wearing the gilet with the sheepskin showing, you can reverse the vest to wear it with the fur lining showing instead. This way, you can get a new look for your vest, but you will still be warm since the sheepskin helps trap in the heat on your vest. This look is easy to complete, and it can be worn with dresses or blouses that are made to help keep you warm. Again, the fur and sheepskin are the same color, making it easier for you to match up your gilet with your outfit choice.

Open or Closed
These shearling gilets are made with a special feature on them that makes them unique. There is a set of ties on the vest that you can use to either tie up the gilet and keep it closed or forgo them and leave the gilet opened. The best part about these ties is that you can use them no matter which side you choose to wear your gilet. Again, you can wear the ties however you want according to your outfit choice. Keeping the ties closed can help keep you warm and tie up your look, so to speak. Keeping the gilet open can give off a relaxed or loose look that might fit better with a more comfortable setting.

There is something unique and interesting about the gilet that makes them an ideal choice for various events, occasions, and outfits. The best part about these Shearling, sheepskin gilets is the ability to wear them however you want. You can show off the beautiful sheepskin, or you can showcase the luxurious fur underneath. You can even choose the way you want to tie up the vest from open or closed. They keep you warm and create a fashionable piece for your look that you won’t regret wearing.

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