BB Guns

BB Guns over 100 Years old

BB guns were first made in 1886 with a BB sized shot of 0.180 inches in diameter. By 1900, one of the major manufacturers of the new toy gun, Daisy, had decreased this size to 0.175 inches.  The name BB was already well established by this time and was associated with any round projectile used for the BB gun, such as metal balls, marbles and plastic balls.  The BB guns became immensely popular among farmers when they were first produced, selling at an even faster pace than windmills. It should be noted that bb guns are not actually a weapon, and children can and do use it.

What are BB guns used for?

BB guns are primarily toy guns; therefore they have a wide range of civilian uses. BB guns are used very often for shooting competitions, usually among children but also civilians who may not have an actual shooting license.  In 1965 the first shooting competition among American youth was held. BB guns are also often used by adults for target practise as a quieter and safer alternative to real guns. BB guns are also used by army recruits and cadets. The US Army used the BB gun to train recruits in “Quick Kill” techniques. BB guns are also used to hunt small animals and birds. They are rarely lethal to humans. Given the safety of them, they can be great gifts for older children, but it is important to educate them in handling the gun safely.  Because of the iconic nature of the BB gun, it is often used in commercials and movies. One example is its feature in “A Christmas Story.”

BB guns and airsoft gunscan be bought in many stores or online. They vary slightly in terms of range and ball size, but are generally perform the same.

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