Tips so the beer stays cold for a long time

German engineers are interested in optimizing beer enjoyment. First they invented the self-cooling keg. Now there is a beer cooler. But cooling is also easy.

German brewers recommended for optimal enjoyment of beer a drinking temperature of between five and eight degrees Celsius. Cooling beer to even lower temperatures, the individual taste can no longer perceive – which, however, can be quite an advantage for inferior brew.

But let’s go from high-quality beer to German purity requirement, and then it should be stored before drinking best at four to seven degrees Celsius. Greater temperature changes can change the taste of beer damage. If you want to quickly bring your beer bottle from room temperature to drinking temperature, you should only put it in the freezer for a correspondingly short time.

To enable beer gourmets to benefit from an uninterrupted cold chain for the beer, Munich-based researchers have developed a measuring system for the temperature in transport coolers. A display integrated into the surface of the box indicates which temperature prevails inside. It is connected to a coin cell battery and a temperature sensor.

Cooling in some beverage markets

The entire electronics – and that was the technical challenge – is ultra flat and is on a flexible film. The silicon chips are printed on the plastic film using a patented process. They are only ten microns thick, which corresponds to one hundredth of a millimeter. They are so thin that they bend and can be used flexibly. In addition, the production is so inexpensive that a use in “intelligent packaging” seems possible. In some beverage markets, the new cool box with temperature display is already available.

Of course, the best temperature control cannot prevent the temperature in the stubby holders from rising after passive cooling through a Styrofoam cover. So if you have to cope with longer transport times or if you want to drink your beer with friends somewhere in the countryside, you may be better off with an actively cooling beer keg.

Such barrels have been available for several years and use the principle of evaporative refrigeration to bring beer to the right drinking temperature. The secret of this cooling technology are special minerals of aluminum and silicon oxide – so-called zeolites. These substances have many microscopic cavities that can absorb water. Five kilograms of zeolite can store around one liter of water.

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